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How To Become A Millionaire In All Areas Of Your Life

The Millionaire Mindcast is a show that focuses on all things mindset, money, and motivation to help aspiring millionaires from all walks of life increase their income, impact, and influence.

I’m Matt Aitchison - a 7-figure real estate investor, millennial entrepreneur, speaker and educator - and every Monday I interview a badass millionaire or thought leader who is living the "Whole Life Millionaire" lifestyle and taking their wealth far beyond what dollars can buy.

Join me each week for new insights as you march toward that million-dollar milestone and design your dream life. It's time to define what true wealth means to you, make your money matter, and unleash your millionaire within.

Jul 19, 2021

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a humble guest, Shadi Khattab who shares his entrepreneurial story, tips on the marketing side of the business, how to be authentic, build a legacy and add value to other people!

Shadi Khattab is a humble entrepreneur, an experienced Chief Operating Officer at Precision MD with a demonstrated history of working in the health wellness and fitness industry. He is skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Youth Activism, Activism, Grassroots Organizing, and Fundraising. A member of the Syrian American Council (SAC) and have helped the Syrian refugees in 2012 during a revolution through fundraising.

Shadi was a kid from Syria that came to the U.S with nothing. He had always an entrepreneurial mindset got from his grandparents and father who are very hard working. As a young guy, he has the ambition to own a business and doesn’t want to work for anyone. Shadi has always trying to find different ways to earn money. He was 9-years-old when he started selling stuff on eBay and Craigslist trying to sell and flip things like secondhand furniture, shoes, etc.

Moreover, Shadi is fortunate with very supportive parents who allow him to pursue his passion in life as they believe you’ll be highly successful if you do what you believed in. Shadi’s father is a doctor who mentored him not just on the medical side but more of the business side like finances, social skills, and networking. For 10 years now, his family has own cosmetic surgery centers (Precision M.D.) positioned around the U.S.

Shadi’s main mission in life is to impact lives to make a difference in the community and give back. Not a money-driven but about building a legacy. He wants people to remember him as someone that made a change in the world and have helped others. Currently, Shadi is using his platform through social media, through his companies, and his team to give back.

Evidently, Shadi has always looking for ways to add value and creating exposures around it. He loves to be with positive like-minded people. Now, building a brand with amazing culture and vibe, companies that are authentic and credible where people genuinely believed their product and services.

  Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did it all start? (00:52)
  • How important was that your parents supporting your passion for your confidence in pursuing? (05:21)
  • Tell us your ideology of why you started to branch out beyond and market in social media? (11:29)
  • What do you think the catalyst was for that to say that the last 5 months have been the most life-changing for you than the previous 24 years? (17:07)
  • How do you handle the self-doubt or the times that you’re discouraged, and feel a little frustrated? (23:05)
  • How important do you feel like documenting the journey and giving people a window into who you are and what you stand for in a cause, the movement, and the mission? (37:29)
  • What do you say to people who don’t have the necessary budget to do a lot of the marketing that they think they need to do? (40:19)
  • How do you handle your haters? (45:05)
  • How do you find time for Shadi and how do you keep that balanced? (47:05)
  • If you’ll leave somebody with one message something that you think is most important to serving humanity, mission, and entrepreneurial journey, what do you leave with? (48:54)


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Ways to build your name and brand of your business. (07:53)
  • Why they opened a fitness facility inside the Precision MD and build Team Precision. (11:49)
  • What is Organic Marketing. (15:55)
  • Why you need to not just work with big influencers but with micro-influencers as well. (30:11)


  • “Do what you believed in.”
  • “I’m not money-driven, I am about impacting lives and I’m about legacy.”
  • “I wake up every single day with a fire in my heart.”
  • “I want people to remember me as someone that made a changed in the world and helped others.”
  • “I know my purpose was much greater than myself.”
  • “This materialistic object gives you temporary happiness.”
  • “With success and praise and stuff the human ego gets fade.”
  • “In life, you must fail to attain success.”
  • “If you are afraid to fail, you’re already at a disadvantage mentally.”

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