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How To Become A Millionaire In All Areas Of Your Life

The Millionaire Mindcast is a show that focuses on all things mindset, money, and motivation to help aspiring millionaires from all walks of life increase their income, impact, and influence.

I’m Matt Aitchison - a 7-figure real estate investor, millennial entrepreneur, speaker and educator - and every Monday I interview a badass millionaire or thought leader who is living the "Whole Life Millionaire" lifestyle and taking their wealth far beyond what dollars can buy.

Join me each week for new insights as you march toward that million-dollar milestone and design your dream life. It's time to define what true wealth means to you, make your money matter, and unleash your millionaire within.

Dec 9, 2019

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an incredible guest, Aaron Velky who shares insights that will surely change your outlook around money, and tips on what are ways to get free flights, and the right way to leverage your money and leverage your credit to unlock more freedom and more opportunities! 

Aaron Velky is an Entrepreneur, Coach, Speaker, Author, and the CEO of Ortus Academy, guides students to a healthy set of financial intelligence principals via gameplay and interactive lessons to drive money-decision experience. Their mission is to empower 1,000,000 future leaders and community members with the skills and mindset to find meaning in their lives, to make better financial decisions, and to learn the principles of Conscious Capitalism.

Ever just before, being an employee has always been Aaron’s frustration. He went from place to place trying to figure out his own and realizing that there’s actually more out there. Amazed by the life of entrepreneurs, so he tried to learn how to build an independent business. But it was not a smooth sail for him. He has been through ups and downs but managed with it using his knowledge and discipline. Aaron was an athlete so being an entrepreneur is a sequel to handle failure. He’s not afraid of trying things and learned from those failures.

Fortunately, Aaron thinks about money in a different way. He worked with his defense and takes in control of his outflows and expenses. He comes across this idea that he could use credit as an advantage. Currently, Aaron has over 75 credit cards and enjoys free flights every now and then through credit hacking and travel-hacking that gives him financial, experiential, and spiritual benefits in so many ways. 

Aaron and his team built an amazing business model, movement, and mission of helping people understand money, growth, and themselves so when making choices they make it out of integrity. Concerning this, Aaron is now building educational businesses, speaking across the world, writing, coaching, and volunteering in an effort to make people better.

Having everything is not a measurement of being successful!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where’s the last place you travel to and how much it cost you? (01:20)
  • Who is Aaron Velky? How did you get started as an entrepreneur, and how did you really fall into all of the things that you teach now in regards to money and financial literacy? (03:19)
  • As you found your lane, where did all start first and foremost? (05:52)
  • What is Ortus Academy and what are your missions? (08:28)
  • How bad is the financial literacy of the average person? (11:02)
  • What are some of the tools or frameworks or things that you guys work with people to enhance their emotional awareness or financial IQ? (12:50)
  • Narrate it down one specific thing that people, when they start doing things, begin to shift whether it psychologically or habits that they consumed? (15:11)
  • How open you are with how you manage in a positive or negative light your own money? (18:59)
  • How did you do all the things you do right now without the millions in the bank that everybody thinks you need to have it to unlock that league of lifestyle? (30:20)
  • How did you come across the idea that you could use credit as your advantage? (31:33)
  • What’s your credit score? (35:15)
  • Who is credit hacking for? When does it make sense? What are the risks and rewards? (36:09)
  • How you’ve got 70 credit cards? (44:52)
  • What are some of your favorite rewards cards? (50:49)
  • What are some of those websites for people who wanted to start educating themselves more on travel-hacking, and credit-hacking? (53:11)
  • Is there a specific way that you’ve seen people leverage credit in business to build and scale that people aren’t taking advantage right now? 55:01)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Why Aaron loves to travel. (01:38)
  • How to achieve a meaningful life. (09:14)
  • Money Personality Test and self-measure. (13:49)
  • 3 things that people don’t like to talk about. (17:36)
  • What’s the greatest indicator of your future value. (22:01)
  • Creating a business is understanding money. (24:58)
  • How Aaron turn his retirement plan into a business plan. (27:58)
  • How Aaron travels the world for free. (32:46)
  • The three rules of travel-hacking. (47:58)
  • The reason why the credit system exists? (56:32)


  • “The entrepreneurial journey is always the best story.”
  • “As you navigate the waters, you kind of just figured out the braking is the best thing to do.”
  • “Let’s build from nothing and go.”
  • “Earning is like the offense.”
  • “Your spending is your defense.”
  • “You are the sole caretaker of your money.”
  • “The basis of our relationship with money is a great indicator of our future value.”
  • “The way to credit is built.”
  • “See travel as a means to do something meaningful rather than an escape.”

Resources Mentioned:

Travel Hacking101

Doctor of Credit

Credit Cards - Reddit

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