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Feb 28, 2022

EP625 - How The Peoples Champ Is Knocking Out Career Politicians and Making A National Impact - Joey Gilbert

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a notable guest, Joey Gilbert who shares extremely expiring story and epic journey in fighting for what he believes in, how he got into a career politician and governorship of Nevada, what are the impacts he made along the way, why he is a type of leader that we need in this time of crisis and moving forward, and how possible to everyone to make a difference!

Joey Gilbert is a father, an entrepreneur, investor, athlete, a lawyer, community leader, and was in military service. Being an Attorney, he was selected as the "Best Law Firm" and "Best Trial Attorney" in Reno/Sparks in 2020 & 2021. Currently, Joey is a Board Member and Chief Strategy Officer of America's Front Line Doctors. This man was also a 3-time NCAA Boxing Champion & 4-time All American, once a Nevada State Golden Gloves Super-Middleweight Champion, WBO-NABO & WBC-USNBC Middleweight Champion (professional), and former #3 Ranked Middleweight Contender in the world

This guy is running for Governorship of Nevada. He is currently playing in the political space and making some big waves. Being disgusted by what has been going on in politics, he became involved in this field. Though, he admits that this is not in his bucket list. However, Joey always feels energy and passion for what he does. He feels like this is his calling and he can contribute something to give more impact to the community.  

People called him a warrior for humanity, and “the peoples champ” that people want to get behind. He called himself an eternal fighter for good, for he's not afraid to fight what he is passionate about and what he believes in. For him, champions aren’t born or made. You can be the most talented in the world but if you just don’t want to put into work, it’s nothing. You’ve got to take that talent and mix it with work ethic and drive. For that reason, “grind up and don’t give up”. Just like what Joey did. Being bullied tremendously throughout high school, but he learned to survive. With a strong work ethic, he became an ex-fighter, and a lawyer.

As Joey said, you just need to embody and emulate all the things you talk about. Get in the fight, and always wanted to be the best. Get involved locally because it will surely make an impact nationally!

Some Questions I Ask:

Take us back a really quick way of where your journey started, and what led you to where you’re at today? (08:30)

What is your mentality around why you keep beaten on yourself and pushing through those mental and physical roadblocks? (26:06)

Did you see yourself wanting to just fight this fight? What’s your plan and approach being a politician?  (37:26)

What do you say to other people that really should be and capable of stepping up to make a difference? (43:05)

What are some of your career political bucket list items? (50:12)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Joey’s Ethos: The Championship’s Mentality and Formula (07:11)
How Joey get involved in this corona-virus stuff (20:42)
The 3 things that Joey fought for Nevada (29:57)
Why Joey runs for Governor (37:26)


“You don’t just talk to talk, you’ve got to walk to walk.”
“Everybody can make a difference, get in the fight.”
“Local involvement has a national impact.”

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Joey Gilbert for Governor

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