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Aug 22, 2022

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an amazing guest Trevor Bacon who talks about how his entrepreneurial journey unfolded, decentralized finance, the revolution of technology, diversifying money in real estate, and the milestone of the revolutionary aspect of blockchain in the real estate market!

Trevor Bacon is an entrepreneur, founder & CEO of Parcl, a digital real estate company that allows investors to gain exposure to the real estate market with less initial capital, more flexibility and liquidity. Prior to this space, he was a hedge fund portfolio manager in several hedge funds in New York focused in technology where he was introduced to blockchain 5 years ago.

Trevor always thinks of the market as his boss. He works for customers and clients, and makes decisions based on the market. For him, toughness and open-mindedness are key in this craft as information changes over time, mainly the technology. He believes that the market is massive but it’s up to us to execute and remain focused to get ahead and thrive!


Some Questions I Ask:

Who is Trevor Bacon, and what Parcl is?

What led you into this path of getting into finance?

How’s the evolution going from an employee mindset into being the CEO of Parcl?

What were some of the greatest lessons you’ve learned that you’ve carried over into your own business?

What is in your opinion the reason for why Wallstreet has a wrap that it does?

What was it that give you the confidence to take the leap and to creating Parcl?

How did you and your co-founders collectively come up with Parcl?

What Parcl do and who is your average avatar?

What are you guys doing specifically in terms of giving people exposure to real estate?

What is the opportunity on Parcl platform?

What are some of the risks that you guys see or make your investors and customers aware of?

How big an opportunity do you think of the blockchain space both in short term and long term?

Is that liquidity of real estate assets a good or bad thing?

What do you see as some of the most exciting opportunities on the blockchain and some of the challenges that are still getting work through?

What does the vision look like for Parcl?

What are your investment practices around wealth?

What is the economy going right now and will transition into in 2023?

Where are you guys pulling information and insight from?


In This Episode, You Will Learn:

Why Trevor always like technology and blockchain

Why Parcl is unique in real estate space

What is Zero Knowledge oracles



“No one can actually tell you if you’re right or wrong, except the market.”

“You need to take risks to earn a reward or return.”

“The market is massive, it’s up to us to execute.”


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