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How To Become A Millionaire In All Areas Of Your Life

The Millionaire Mindcast is a show that focuses on all things mindset, money, and motivation to help aspiring millionaires from all walks of life increase their income, impact, and influence.

I’m Matt Aitchison - a 7-figure real estate investor, millennial entrepreneur, speaker and educator - and every Monday I interview a badass millionaire or thought leader who is living the "Whole Life Millionaire" lifestyle and taking their wealth far beyond what dollars can buy.

Join me each week for new insights as you march toward that million-dollar milestone and design your dream life. It's time to define what true wealth means to you, make your money matter, and unleash your millionaire within.

Apr 19, 2021

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have a return guest from episode 2, David Osborn who shares insights and wisdom on how to navigate entrepreneurship in today’s environment, why spending money and enjoying life matters, how to deal with impostor syndrome, how to be successful in real estate, and smart and strategic way to build wealth! 

David is a father, an incredible entrepreneur, real estate investor, speaker, and wealth-building mentor,  traveler, author of the best-selling book “Wealth Can’t Wait”, co-founder of GoBundance, an accountability-based group of entrepreneurs, and sits on the board of the 1Life Fully Lived non-profit, a member of YPO/WPO Austin and TIGER 21, and contributes to various causes from fighting cancer to building clean water wells through Charity Water.

He is also the principal owner of the 6th largest real estate company in the US, operating principal and/or investor in five Keller Williams Regions and nine Market Centers owns 20+ real estate related ventures, principle of an REI private equity group, and the operator of over 35 profitable real estate-related businesses in the US and Canada.  

David got around with wealth as a kid. At a young age, he decided to be rich like his uncle. He was a great student and worked very hard throughout his life. He believes that it takes some sacrifice, some process, and some pain to build wealth.

At 37, David bought his first new car. He realized that although he needed to live below his means but also spending money and enjoying life really matters. In spite of being successful in his journey, David shows up being humble and always shows the eagerness to learn from high-level people. He keeps looking for winners who can teach him anything that would be useful to reach his goals.

Besides, he is a black mamba when it comes to his goals. David strikes, sleeps with the approach, and gets his goals done. In fact, he maintains a habit tracker that tracks all the things he wants to get through. Also, he tried to give value to others by any means like through his wealth-building mentorship.

Now, David has 101 single-family homes and makes a million a year without doing anything. His best advice, don’t wait and waste time buying real estate. Do it now!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • Where did your journey start? (03:04)
  • When did you actually start to feel rich? (06:15)
  • How did you get the clarity of when and how do you give yourself permission and start playing up to higher levels and creating bigger opportunities for yourself? (10:54)
  • What do you say to people that are trying to shape and expand their identity to level up in life? (14:43)
  • If you were to boil it down one or two habits or rhythms in your life that have just been in consistent repetition of actions that you’ve taken over the course of your entire career and lifestyle or recently over the last few years, which ones come to your mind for you? (24:53)
  • What has been your secret to success in terms of bringing really exceptionally talented and skilled but also just well-rounded human beings into your world? (28:13)
  • What is it that keeps you consistently committed to that discipline of networking, of education, of growth? How did you stay complacent in the world that many people would say is ideal and you don’t need to do anything anymore?  (31:57)
  • What were some of the things that showed for you last year and what you may be focusing on this year in terms of growth? (34:49)
  • What do you see the opportunities that you’re focused on maybe in your world and what are you hearing in some of the networks that you’re involved in? What are people excited about? Where’s the money flowing to right now? (39:45)
  • What’s your message to the people that want to build wealth and create an amazing lifestyle for themselves and the reality of the timeline and the discipline to unlock it?  (45:07)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Living below your means while spending money and enjoying life (11:25)
  • Likability Formula & Internal Family Systems Concept (19:42)


  •  “Life always boils down to a decision: Do you want to be wealthy or not?”
  • “Don’t wait to buy real estate, buy real estate and wait.”
  • “Repetition is the mother of all success.”

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Wealth Can’t Wait book by David Osborn