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How To Become A Millionaire In All Areas Of Your Life

The Millionaire Mindcast is a show that focuses on all things mindset, money, and motivation to help aspiring millionaires from all walks of life increase their income, impact, and influence.

I’m Matt Aitchison - a 7-figure real estate investor, millennial entrepreneur, speaker and educator - and every Monday I interview a badass millionaire or thought leader who is living the "Whole Life Millionaire" lifestyle and taking their wealth far beyond what dollars can buy.

Join me each week for new insights as you march toward that million-dollar milestone and design your dream life. It's time to define what true wealth means to you, make your money matter, and unleash your millionaire within.

May 24, 2021

In this episode of the Millionaire Mindcast, we have an extraordinary guest, Rana Vig who shares insights and wisdom on how to stay focused, learning how to say a clean yes and no, the advantages of investing in precious metals, and the best way of preserving wealth!

Rana Vig is an entrepreneur, a management consultant, President & CEO at Blue Lagoon Resources, Inc., a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition, exploration, and development of properties for the mining of gold and other minerals. It is one of the top-performing stocks of 2019 listed on the CSE under the symbol BLLG.

In 2018, he became the chief executive officer of Lead Ventures Inc. and oversaw and executed the acquisition and $5-billion-plus reverse takeover of Curaleaf Holdings Inc., which raised $520-million, making it the largest Canadian cannabis financing in history. Also, he took the helm of Rockbridge Resources, which he successfully restructured by acquiring, through a reverse takeover, the $2-billion-plus Harvest Health & Recreation, which closed a $300-million financing -- making it the third-largest cannabis financing of 2018.

In November 2017, Rana was invited to the Canadian Senate to receive the Senate 150th Anniversary Medal, which was awarded to top Canadians actively involved in their communities who, through generosity, dedication, and hard work, make their hometowns and communities a better place to live.

Rana is a generalist and startup guy who are fond of starting one business and jumping to another. He likes to build something, sell it off, and move on, and come to the next sector!

Some Questions I Ask:

  • What have you been working on recently that you’re getting fired up about heading into 2021? (00:15)
  • Where did your entrepreneurial and business journey and course start? (01:46)
  • When did you feel like it was the time to plant your flag in what arena? How did you handle adversities and mental challenges that most people stop and don’t push beyond? (03:31)
  • When you run into those physical or mental hurdles, what have been some of the things that have helped you really push getting through those challenges?  (06:47)
  • What have been some of the great routines and rhythms that have served you really well over the years may be in personal and or on business?  (10:34)
  • What have been some of the destructions or maybe habits in your life that you’ve had to eliminate that you think or see a lot of people holding onto? (14:22)
  • Do you have some decision matrix that helps you identify whether or not you say YES or NO to things? (15:41)
  • What is your overall outlook in terms of the precious metals market, what are you most excited about, or what you’re paying attention to? What do the average investors need to be thinking about heading into the future? (26:19)
  • If you could give a prescription to each person on the planet in terms of how to approach an investment ideology or philosophy that might tie into generational wealth around precious metals, what would you tell them? (30:25)
  • What do you say to those people in terms of why gold should be in some part of their investment portfolio allocation? (34:04)
  • What are your thoughts on cryptocurrency to gold to the volatility of the dollar? What are your thoughts on what that’s gonna look like maybe from a dollar perspective moving forward, and how risky it could become? (37:22)
  • What are your concerns about where things are moving forward, and what should people be thinking about in terms of just staying in front of these trends or at least stay connected in order to stay ahead of some of these curves? (39:45)

In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • The power of pause (09:05)
  • The key to staying focus (12:30)
  • An effective way to get things done without your to-do-list (13:15)
  • Building self-awareness and listening to your inner voice to succeed (21:50)


  • “Failure is part of the process.”
  • “Laser beam focus is what equates success.”
  • “I wanna be a leading edge but I don’t wanna be a bleeding edge.”
  • “The greatest enemy is within.”
  • “The person who holds you back is the one in the mirror.”
  • “Trend is your friend.”

Connect with Rana Vig on:

Blue Lagoon Resources